1.Dialog-based Chatbot API (code#CB001)



Product Description:

The back end API for the dialog-based chatbot could be adopted for social medias e.g. FaceBook, WeChat, Line, and web chats. Thai natural language understanding (NLU) technologies are available. The customer could be able to train sets of knowledge for the chatbot through the platform. The customization for a particular application may be required since the fee may be included.

First time payment:

Customization &Integration fees are 10,000 Baht

pay-as-you-go plan:


Payment methods:

The invoice could be submitted, please leave your contact information. The payment methods are available at various Thai Banks as:

Name: Chanwit Boonchuay, SCB Saving A/C, no: 239-2-55111-2

Name: Chanwit Boonchuay, KBank Saving A/C, no: 009-1-45365-1

Name: Chanwit Boonchuay, Bangkok Bank Saving A/C, no: 033-0-80066-2


After transfer, please send your receipt  to